Application Instructions

PREP Find a workspace - Any flat surface is suffice, we also recommend a well lit area.

CLEAN Clean your device and your hands. Please make sure to clean your device before application, this will allow the skin decal to last longer, apply better and avoid damage. Use a damp towel, paper towel to wipe down the surface. Make sure it is dry before you start!!

IDENTIFY  Understand which parts go where before you start - this will make things a lot easier

WEED Get rid of all the excess e.g buttons and other openings. You can use tweezers for the process!

APPLICATION If you have purchased a screen protector apply it before the decal - you won’t be able to do it afterSimply grab a corner of the skin and peel the backing a slight bit of it away, then line it up with one side of the device. Always start with the sides that has most parts to line up. As you slide of the backing continue to apply it to the device. Please do not apply pressure and you would be able to lift and reposition until you get it right.

STICK Now that everything is aligned apply pressure from the centre outwards. To smooth out any areas with curvatures use you can use a blowdryer to soften the vinyl. Smooth out the bumps by using your thumbs to push outwards.

SHARE Post a picture and share it with us! Tag us @LaboTechOfficial


For more help contact us! Or use a youtube video as a guide - we recommend our friends at VecRas for an application tutorial